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The following represent the top Direct Response Television productions in short-form (spots) for the calendar year 2015 based on Jordan Whitney’s cumulative ...  [Read More]


To the Jordan Whitney “Greensheet” website – the independent clearinghouse for up-to-date information on Direct Response Television, including infomercials, short-form direct response television commercials, the websites for these products, and the companies involved in their production and distribution. 


About Jordan Whitney

For over twenty years, Jordan Whitney, Inc., a Tustin, California-based research, consulting and publishing company, has been monitoring, ranking and critiquing direct response television commercials - both infomercials and short-form spot advertisements - as they appear on cable networks and select broadcast stations throughout the United States.  Jordan Whitney is the independent “go-to” consulting firm for leading companies in the direct response television industry and retailers who wish to draw upon its extensive database of reviews and analysis of direct response commercials.


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Morley Safer, in a segment on 60 Minutes discussing infomercials, said that what Jordan Whitney says “counts.”  The company maintains a research tape library of over 60,000 individual infomercials and short form spots, with additions made daily.  The Jordan Whitney “Greensheet” reports, which rank infomercials and spots and analyze their content, are read by subscribers around the world.

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